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Chinese tassel is a good decor for car, you may hang the tassel in the front of your car. It is great idea.

Chinese tassel is a folk piece of handplaited rope ornament with Chinese characteristics. It originated in the early ancient times, raised in the Tang and Ming Dynasty, prospered in the Ming and Qing Dynasty. The majority forms of Chinese tassel are integrated models that the up and down are consistent, the left and the right are symmetry, the positive and the negative are a like, the head and the tail may be linked up each other. According to specifications strictly, circulating and intriguing, continuous and unbroken, through many and varied technological skills, such as: coiling, tying, string, winding, bypassing, plaiting, taking out etc, a color rope of several inches may be made into a very beautiful Chinese tassel. Because of the time being too ancient, the history of Chinese tassel ran through the history of mankind all along, the deposition of far-flung culture made the Chinese tassel be impenetrating the pure soul of culture with Chinese characters, and contain a quantity of cultural details. The words “string” and “spirit” are partial tones, so Chinese culture has ever respected the string, and also because the string is like the curling snake and drag, and the Chinese people are the foremost exponent of the drag's, so the visualize of the dragon's spirit was incarnated through the changing of the string's ties. Chinese tassel is regarded as Buddhism the Sutras that understand spirits, and it can exorcise evil spirits and avoid the calamity. So as a amulet, embodying the mysterious sense of religion, it is used in the folk widely, and had formed definite mechanism of handing down and carrying on. That probably is one of the reasons that why the culture of “tie” is always full of vitality.

Today people settle on the dulcet and romantic charm of east culture, and redefined it necklace, bangle, eardrop, headwear, barrette, etc things of that sort of dress fittings, as refined jewelries, let it give play to the value of its own.

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