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“Happy and Auspice Luck” Chinese Folk paper cut

“Happy and Auspice Luck” Chinese Folk paper cut is a kind of systematically and completely artistically style and unique artistically sculpt system which integrate the sculpture art, garment art and embroidery art into a whole. It has formed a unique artistically style of itself through drawing lessons from experiences by artisans of all generations, creation and gets rid of the stale and brings forth the fresh. It is good at catch figures in life or animals and can best embody the mentality and bearing in the twinkling of an eye. The artworks of unique style are formed after many treating and process in the working procedure of initial visual impression, thinking in terms of images, design, cutting and carving, sculpting, dyeing and packing.
Technological Characteristics
1. The composition of the picture: Taking use of method of complete spread over the picture to reveal rich content; taking use of outstanding and eye-sharpening method to expose the main topic. To arrange a plump picture by ways all stars twinkling around the moon so that the whole picture is diversified in forms, interludes properly, compact and harmonious, well developed and lifelike in its bearing.
2. The cutting work: putting single or many pieces of papers together and cut or carve them by scissors or knife. The artisans mainly use intaglio cutting while cutting in relief assists it and cooperated ingenuously. They use the scissors (knifes) freely in place of writing brushes.
3. Bepaint: taking use of many techniques such as parallel dyeing, touching dyeing, halo dyeing, water dyeing, wipe dyeing, chromatically dyeing, mist dyeing etc.. The pigmentation is appropriate which differentiate the light from the heavy. The quick and the slow is in order and the transition is well-balanced.
The characteristics of art and culture
The paper cut integrates Chinese folk art, technologies and history, culture of five thousands years in a whole. Its composition is well developed, the cutting is exquisite; the figure is vivid with limitless sentiment. It has fresh and beautiful colors, the real and the unreal lines are well arramged; it has mysterious change and deep moral which supply people the artistic entertainment of fathomless, unattainable, limitless affection, bold, lifelike, amicably beautiful, lovely ugly and defend somebody by surprising actions.

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