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Wang Zhaojun - Living during the Chinese Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220AD), Wang Zhaojun is believed to have lived around 30 BC. The time was known for many problems with the "barbarians" to the West, known as the Hun tribes. The Hun chief demanded to marry one of the infanta from the Han court. Wang volunteered, sacrificing herself for the peace of the land. The Emperor agreed to send Wang, finding out only too late that she had been his most beautiful infantainfanta rather than his most ugly. Because of her courage, the China and Hun existed in relative peace for 60 years. v

The pottery statuary was made by chinese pottery grandmaster. If you buy it, you will also get a certificate which has grandmaster's signature.

It is priceless, and worthy of collection.

Height: 7"
Length 7.5"
Author: Zhuang Jia

This handmade pottery is priceless, but in USA dollar: $ 165.00

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