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The "eight immortals" from Taoist mythology, and among the best known deities. They are the symbols for good fortune throughout China. They represent eight different conditions of life: youth, old age, poverty, wealth, the populace, nobility, the masculine, and the feminine. The earliest descriptions date from the Tang Dynasty (early 7th century), but their present grouping was not established until the Ming Dynasty (founded in 1368).

The Ba Xian are a favorite theme of artists and are portrayed on fans and porcelain. They also figure prominently in many literary works.

The pottery statuary was made by chinese pottery grandmaster. If you buy it, you will also get a certificate which has grandmaster's signature.

It is priceless, and worthy of collection.

Height: 3.5"
Length: 9.2"
Author: Liu zemian

This handmade pottery is priceless, but in USA dollar: $ 1210.00

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