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Bao Zheng Known as Bao Gong, a symbol of justice and integrity.

Bao Zheng (999-1062), a household name in China, was an outstanding government official and statesman in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). He was born of a scholar family in Luzhou, now renamed Hefei, in Anhui Province. At the age of 29, he passed the highest-level imperial examinations under the direct invigilation of the emperor and qualified himself as a Jinshi.

As laws and regulations of that time said that a Jinshi could be assigned a leading position, Bao Zheng was appointed magistrate, the head of Jianchang County. But as filial piety was regarded as a highly valued virtue, Bao resigned his position and went home to attend his old and weak parents for ten years. After his parents' death, he was reappointed magistrate of Tianchang County. That year, he was 40.

The pottery statuary was made by chinese pottery grandmaster. If you buy it, you will also get a certificate which has grandmaster's signature.

It is priceless, and worthy of collection.

Height: 20.5''
Width: 11.4''
Author: Liu zemian

This handmade pottery is priceless, but in USA dollar: $1200.00

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