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Hua MuLan is famous for disguising herself as a man. Her name has long been synonymous with the word "heroine".

She came from the Shangqiu, Henan Province. Hua Mulan join up is the famous story in china.

Story said that Hua Mulan's father received an order to serve in the army. He had fought before but, by this time, was old and infirm. Hua Mulan knew it was out of the question for her father to go and her only brother was much too young. She decided to disguise herself as a man and take her father's place.

The troops fought in many bloody campaigns for several years before they obtained permission to return home. Hua Mulan was summoned to the court by the emperor, who wished to appoint her to high office as a reward for her outstanding service. Hua Mulan declined his offer and accepted a fine horse instead.

Only later, when her former comrades in arms went to visit her, did they learn that she was a woman.

The story of Hua Mulan is well known and has provided much inspiration for poetry, essays, operas and paintings, as well as the Disney movie.

The pottery statuary was made by chinese pottery grandmaster. If you buy it, you will also get a certificate which has grandmaster's signature.

It is priceless, and worthy of collection.

Height: 15.3''
Width: 13''
Author: Liu zemian

This handmade pottery is priceless, but in USA dollar: $ 945.00

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