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Su Wu, a famous diplomatic official of Han dynasty, was once sent abroad to Xiongnu (a state founded by Turkic speaking tribesmen from Central Asia) as an envoy. Admiring Su Wu for his virtue and wisdom, Chanyu, Chief of Xiongnu, detained him and mad every effort to persuade him to stay in Xiongnu, offering him a high poison and great rewards. But all his pains were in vain. “How can you be so absurd as to expect me, a dignified envoy of the great Han, to betray my motherland?” Su Wu responded indignantly, “It would be as if the sun should rise in the west!”

In order to bend Su Wu, Chanyu imprisoned him in a great ice pit, and provide him neither food nor drink. Still this did not work. Su Wu took snow as drink, chewed felt or caught rats for food, his will unshakeable. Chanyu tried many other ways, yet never did he get the better of him. Finally he gave up and sent Su Wu to the remote Beihai Lake, a very cold, sparsely populated place, to tend sheep. There Su endured all kinds of hard ships for 19 years.

Later, when Emperor Han Zhao succeeded to the throne, Han was on better terms with Xiongnu, so the Emperor asked Chanyu to send Su Wu back. Chanyu, however, cheated the Emperor, saying that Su Wu had long since died.

Thus time went by until one day when a Han emissary got to Xiongnu. A man of Xiongnu, touched by Su Wu's nobility, loyalty to his country and iron will, secretly went to the Han emissary and told him everything about Su Wu. Together they thought out a plan.

The next day, when the emissary went to see Chanyu, he said, “Our Emperor, when hunting in a forest, shot down a wild goose, to whose leg a letter was tied. The letter, unfoleded, turned out to be written by Su Wu, who says in it that he is still alive, tending sheep by the Beihai Lake.”

Chanyu was shocked, hearing about the story. “How could a wild goose be made use of as messenger?” he thought, “It must be the gods that helped Su Wu, and I should not go against the will of the gods.” So without any word he set Su Wu free, and let him go back with the emissary.

Su Wu, who spent 19 lonely and difficult years in amongst the Xiongnu, has been eulogized as a hero by later generations. 

The pottery statuary was made by chinese pottery grandmaster. If you buy it, you will also get a certificate which has grandmaster's signature.

It is priceless, and worthy of collection.

Height: 23cm
Width: 18cm
Author: He YiQing

This handmade pottery is priceless, but in USA dollar: $ 648.00

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