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Liu Bang

Emperor Gaozu, also known under the name Liu Bang, was the first emperor of the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 24 AD). He was born into a peasant family in Pei (present Pei County in Jiangsu Province), and was once one of the leaders of the peasant insurrections in the late Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC).

Liu Bang established the Han Dynasty in 202 BC and made Chang'an (present city of Xian) his capital city.

During the time Liu Bang was in power, he continued to use the centralism created by Qin, replaced original vassals and granted lands to his relatives. In economy, he reduced taxes and corv¨Se and developed agriculture, but he restricted the commerce. Emperor Gaozu's efforts laid a solid foundation for the over four-hundred-year reign of the Han Dynasty.

The pottery statuary was made by chinese pottery grandmaster. If you buy it, you will also get a certificate which has grandmaster's signature.

It is priceless, and worthy of collection.


Height: 39cm
Width: 30cm
Author: Feng WeiMin

This handmade pottery is priceless, but in USA dollar: $ 850.00

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