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Pottery is the floorboard that being a kind of mixture made up of clay, quartz and the other minerals, after being molded, dried and fired, and becomes a goods. The art of ceramics refers to firing and making craft and it's modeling, glazing color and ornament, appears the character of art. In brief, the handiwork of pottery is the most archaic arts and crafts' article. At the time of New Stone Age, there had been the rough and simple style pottery, such as the grey pottery, the red pottery, the white pottery, the color pottery, etc. In the Shang Dynasty, the glazed pottery and the hard glazed pottery with the first porcelain character appeared. The porcelain was formulated in the East-Han dynasty, and it reached its high degree of maturity in the respect of producing technology and creation of art in the Tang Dynasty. In the Song Dynasty, the trade of producing porcelain developed very vigorous, the famous kilns emerged. In the Ming and Qing Dynasty, the technology of producing ceramics, including the mading of embryo, ornament, glazing and fired well, surpassed advanced the last dynasty. The Chinese ceramics has been in the ascendant till today, in it, the of Yi Xing, they are all famous in the world.

Sculpture, produced in the Shi Wan town in Fo Shan city in Guang Zhou Province, has a long history of over eight hundred years. It took the exhibits of sculpture of figure birds and beasts, etc. as the dominant factor. The glazing colour is rich, the depicting is minute, the images are living ait has a character of its own. In the respect of art's character, it's modelling is simple, the expression is living, which gives free rein fully to the special skill of the different texture of material of blank and glazing, and it has a special style and its own characteristics. We supply pottery modes works, and many works are made by those teachers pottery art, they are worth collecting and storing up.

The artistic ceramics fall into four categories: figurines, animals, pot scenery and daily utensiles. The figurines were honoured successively for three years the National Gold Medals. The animals works received the silver Cup in the national Hundred Flowers Award. Pot scenery and daily utensiles won the Guangdong Excellent product prize.

There are seven steps in the making of scupture products:

1. Design: The artistes design and sculpture the original art works.
2. Mould-making: There are made by pouring gypsum plaster on the original works. When gypsumn plaster is solidified they become gypsum mould which has the same appearance as the final product.
3. Shaping: Shaping is made by pouring the clay paste into the mould, after moisture is evaporated and the plaster becomes solidified. The gypsum mould is usually in two equal havles, so that when solidification is completed, the two halves of the mould can be taken apart, and the clay item will then fall out naturally.
4. Assembing: The clay items produced as a result of the above process are all in unasessemble parts, which are assembled by putting together using the same clay paste and by adding extra touches here and there.
5. Glazing: This work can be done by putting on the painting and glaze.
6. Firing: It takes around 11 hours to finalize the artistic work at shuttle kiln with a temperature as high as 1250?.

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