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Liu zemian

Born in Shiwan of Guangdong in1937.

Titled Master of arts and crafts of Guangdong in1993, titled National Master of Ceramic Arts in2003.

Born ina ceramic family, handed down from four generations, Liu Zemian learnt from famous artist Liu Zuochao. Influenced deep by Liu Cuan and another artists, he mixed varieties of styles together, set up his own style. He produced a lot of works during dozens of years working in Creating Room of Shiwan Art & Ceramic Factory. Stress on figuring, he has deep taste of Shiwan Ceramics, especially excels at figuring arhat, Eight Immortals, Buddha images, having perfect technic, shapes are bold and unconstrained dress lines are robust and firm, all above are his artistic features. The themes are widely selected, modern figures are realistic and vivid, praised by all walks of life. He gained the domestic May Day Labor Award on May of 1985.






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