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Zhuang Jia

Born in Puning of Guangdong in1931.

Titled Master of Arts and Crafts of China in 1988, titled National Master Ceramic Arts in2003.

He began to engage in Shiwan ceramics in1953. Learning from Liu Chuan, he is a disciple handed from the master directly. He studies the traditional Shiwan ceramics earnestly, and absorbs the art soul at all times and in all over the world. Imitating the former but notsticking to it, he shows his special style of mixing with pungent and rough, bold and thick characteristic, with sharp-cut artistic style.

His works are about character, his works' source are very extensive, and the moral are deep-drawn, he is good at sculpturing ladies and literator. His works have bright art style, and are famous for classic elegance, cheesy dressing and precise structure.



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